Daily Incorporation of KetoCare Food Products

ketocare foods offer a range of readily prepared meals and snacks for maximum convenience and adherence to the ketogenic diet.

our range of 3:1 products can be easily incorporated into any ketogenic dietary regimen through slight adaptations.

their convenient design allows them to be used on their own or in combination with other ingredients and can be used in or out of the home.

our 3:1 bar is great for when you’re out and about. it can be used as an addition to a lunch box, a mid-afternoon snack or as part of a breakfast.

our 3:1 ketoclassic chicken meal is an easy to prepare meal option both at home or whilst on holiday. it can be incorporated as a soup option or used as a sauce to prepare a wide range of dishes, thus offering flexibility and choice.

pre calculated simplicity.

adhering to the ketogenic diet can be difficult, time consuming and complicated.

however, it is our aim to remove the stress and confusion, making the management of the ketogenic diet simple.

by bringing together precise calculations from dietitians and wholesome, tasty food from cooks all the hard work has been done for you.

readily prepared meals and snacks for maximum convenience.

My daughter is really struggling with swallowing whole foods and so the KetoClassic Chicken has given me a great back up meal.
This is amazing and would help us a great deal...
Excellent. We have been waiting for something like this to come along.
Now my child can go on school trips. Food ready to go, totally measured and safe.
Very useful for when my son is grown up so he can prepare his own meals easily.