at ketocare foods, we recognise that starting and maintaining a ketogenic diet can be daunting both for the patient and also for their family and carers.

research shows that despite its effectiveness, the ketogenic diet is often discontinued prematurely or is not attempted (kang et al., 2004) and in some cases, research has shown, that caregivers are unable to continue with a strict ketogenic diet (lightstone et al., 2001).

as part of our efforts to improve our current range as well as design new products to help both your patients and their families, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and thoughts. this helps us ensure our range is what your patients need and want:

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My daughter is really struggling with swallowing whole foods and so the KetoClassic Chicken has given me a great back up meal.
This is amazing and would help us a great deal...
Excellent. We have been waiting for something like this to come along.
Now my child can go on school trips. Food ready to go, totally measured and safe.
Very useful for when my son is grown up so he can prepare his own meals easily.