normalising the Ketogenic Diet to bring calculated simplicity whilst making adherence easier.

wholesome essentials

we make familiar basics like bread, cereal and snack bars that bring back normality to what can be a challenging diet.

suitable for all keto diets

everything we make is perfect for the Classical or Modified Ketogenic Diet and can be easily adapted for any prescription.

high in fibre

we know how important fibre is to any diet and just how difficult it can be to fit into the ketogenic diet. for this reason we love to use inulin, a prebiotic fibre, as well as other healthy fibres that help deliver the essential fibre without the carbohydrate.

natural ingredients

free from artificial sweeteners and other additives, you can be sure that your patient will only get the very best.


our products make life just a little bit simpler for the parents struggling with preparation or difficult situations such as busy mornings or days away, making the diet more accessible and achievable.

My daughter is really struggling with swallowing whole foods and so the KetoClassic Chicken has given me a great back up meal.
This is amazing and would help us a great deal...
Excellent. We have been waiting for something like this to come along.
Now my child can go on school trips. Food ready to go, totally measured and safe.
Very useful for when my son is grown up so he can prepare his own meals easily.